You heard it here first.

"My daughter took tennis classes with 123 Tennis for the first time this school year, she is 8 years old. She absolutely loved it! Her favorite instructor Yvonne really took her time with Sarah. She will be joining again next session."

Alex Rubenstein

"My 6 year old Nicholas started taking tennis classes for the first time at school in January. My husband and I had to force him to go the first class but after that, he was always so excited to go. He felt he was improving and was happy with that. Thank you 123 Tennis for fostering his newfound enjoyment!!!"

Renee Gosselin

"We first met Megan a couple of months ago after we had taken a few classes awhile back at a renowned tennis facility. They used yellow balls and Sabrina could not handle it over the big net, she was discouraged. When she met Megan at school, they had appropriately sized balls and nets and Sabrina was over the moon about how well she did. Thank you for getting her back out there!"

Grace Temple

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