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Our goal is to introduce the great sport of tennis using our proven game-based structure to as many children as possible in the United States. This is a sport for life that has touched my heart since I was a little girl and we here at 123 Tennis are devoted to teaching the fundamental skills of the sport while inducing fun, laughter, exercise, and positive attitudes that will benefit our youth on and off the court for years to come.

Tennis is a wonderful opportunity to provide physical activity while encouraging a hard working attitude and great sportsmanship. It will shape and sharpen our strategic and problem solving abilities which will positively contribute to our short and long term mental and physical health. If we can instill this fun, healthy, active way of life in our youth, our children will benefit in their future.

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123 Tennis!


Staying after school? Involved in a summer program? Get up and go to a fun, interactive tennis class with all of your friends! Maybe you'll end up teaching your parents a thing or two!

Parents- Why join?

Attention All Parents!!!
Want your child to channel their energy while learning something totally fun and new? This program will provide your child the opportunity of learning tennis, a lifetime sport, which benefits physical health while also positively contributing to their social and mental health as well. 

Custom Made for Your School

123 Tennis can custom make a program that will fit the needs of your school to optimize the experience for both students, parents and faculty.


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